The Jamersons - Reaching souls for Christ through music and testimony
                                      Welcome to our official website!
So glad you decided to explore our site. We hope you find something here that touches your heart, causes you to laugh or makes you think about where you are with your salvation. We are who we are! We don't try to be anything other than who God created us to be. We aren't perfect, we make mistakes, but we love the Lord and serve him with an enthusiasm that most people have for their ballgames. The Bible says that there is joy in serving the Lord Psalms 100:2. We live it daily. We are still in the flesh, therefore we aren't perfect. I say all this to say, "What you see is what you get" if we are on stage, sitting in a restaurant or at home on the sofa watching TV. We are the same. We like to laugh, cut up, and enjoy the life God has given us. We are encouragers and servants of the Lord. We try to help where we see a need, be a friend to those that are lonely and spread the Gospel through song and testimony any chance we get. Check for updates often as things are always changing. The Lord has been opening doors so fast we often have trouble keeping up, but he said he would never bring you to something that he can't get you through. So we keep the Faith and keep running our race.  

Check out our new album
 "Walking by Faith"

It features 2 songs written by Anthony Jamerson "We Have It All" and "Press Through" We are very proud of this album. God has blessed us with some amazing songs that we hope will touch lives. 

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